Beelzebub is an aspiring chef in the underworld. He shares an apartment with Belphegor, his lazy roommate. The young demon likes to try out his recipes on his all too contented roommate.

Hoping to make a job out of his skills, Beelzebub enters a cooking competition held by Satan to see who will become his personal chef. Satan flambéed the last chef, because he kept feeding him the same traitors every day. The Antichrist is one of the judges, as well as Leviathan. Beelzebub passes through the challenges with mixed confidence; each one is in a different circle of Hell. The ingredients range from colorful poisons, unpleasant body fluids, several types of cheese, and the damned souls from each layer of Hell.

One of the competitors is Mammon, his rival. Mammon is with the Whore of Babylon, Beelzebub’s ex-girlfriend. Her name isn’t actually the Whore of Babylon; Beelzebub bitterly calls her that, despite his friends telling him to get over it. Mammon and Beelzebub are neck and neck during the competition. The only thing keeping Beelzebub from victory is the Antichrist, who always has a complaint about each dish. Antichrist, being the son of Satan, is a real asshole; sometimes he shows up late, or not at all. The Antichrist and Mammon are old friends who at one point lived in an apartment with Belphegor.

Beelzebub learns about this from his current roommate, who also reveals that the Antichrist is cheating with the Whore of Babylon. Beelzebub rubs this new fact in Mammon’s face before the final showdown between the two. Then, using Belphegor’s knowledge of the Antichrist’s habits, he tracks the Antichrist down, who brags about his power over the competition. He says Beelzebub doesn’t have what it takes to be creatively evil, and generally insults the demon’s cooking skills. Beelzebub knocks him out with a skillet.

The final showdown begins, and the Antichrist is missing. Satan presumes he is off golfing or screwing around in the living world. Satan is hungry and wants the competition to be over. The chefs present their dishes. Mammon’s stew over noodles is delicious, and he admits it is made of his girlfriend the Whore of Babylon, whom he killed for cheating on him. Satan is impressed. He then tries Beelzebub’s lasagna, which is just as good as the stew. Satan wishes his son had shown up, but Beelzebub says he is already here. Satan immediately starts laughing, saying that he likes Beelzebub’s audacious choice of meat. He urges Mammon to try the lasagna, who takes a bite and then throws it up. Satan agrees, saying his son has always been a piece of crap. He then impales Mammon with his pitchfork, and tells Beelzebub that he has the job, and to see what kind of feast he can make with Mammon’s body. Beelzebub smiles, and pulls out a carving knife.


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