We are on water, not in a forest. There are no log cabins floating around on water, unless this is a poorly placed cabin after a severe storm. Which has portholes? There are at least ten cabins on this boat. For some reason the raindrops are a texture on the cover, so naturally it must be raining inside as well. My guess is that it is a sea witch, trapped in a boat; she is the woman in cabin ten. She is slowly flooding her room. Perhaps she is trapped. The captain has captured her to use her powers.

It must be a mystery or a horror book, because Ware’s last book had a title based on a children’s scary story (In a Dark, Dark, Wood). So murder probably happens. The crew is feeding passengers to the sea witch. The protagonist is a male passenger, because who else is going to seduce the sexy, evil witch? He does. Seduce her, I mean, and uses the opening to kill her, saving the boat. However, the sea doesn’t appreciate this and it rises up and sinks the boat, a la Poseidon Adventure. The End.

Lesson: Don’t capture sea witches.

Basically this is POTC 3.

On the other hand, it’s nice they called her a woman rather than a girl.

6/10, I would probably read this.


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